Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you pinky toe! Small and powerful.

How the pinky toe can change your body and spiritual mindedness.

Anusara Yoga Instructor, Elizabeth Goodman, takes an intricate look at The Svadharma of the Pinky Toe. She inspects the duty or calling of this tiny phalange. The little guy on the end that may fall under the neighboring toe, or have such a tiny nail that polish can barely hang on, or it sticks out of your shoes or scrunches in to fit in a pair of shoes:

The pinky toes are homely looking things, they do not fit well into most women’s shoes, they rather painfully bump into things, and they are hard to move independently.  They are not essential for living and do not have the emotional charge of the heart and brain, the exquisite connection to the world of the sense organs, or the connection to life itself of the lungs.

The point is, that this little pinky toe has the ability to change the whole body.As she continues with:

Despite this, the call to lift and spread the toes, to draw the pinky toe toward the heel, or the hip happens just about every time I go to the mat in my practice or teach a class.  Activating the pinky toe by opening it and spreading it apart from the other toes is a conscious act of opening that helps hug the shins to the midline.  In hugging the shins in by means of activating the pinky toe, the yogi on the mat can then safely move the thighs back and apart, creating an expansion of the pelvic floor that provides room for more strongly tucking under the tailbone to access core power. 

It’s a great reminder of the function and form of the human body. And upon greater examination, the pinky toe’s power is a great lesson for life off our yoga mats: 

Off the mat, when all parts of the whole are fully conscious of and know their svadharma, the whole will itself have more consciousness, more light, and better experience the bliss of being.  It is easy to see, without judgment or question, that the pinky toe cannot do the work of the heart, although when the pinky toe is working it can help contribute to an integration of mind and body that will further the opening of the heart and thus the whole person.

Stretch out so you can hug in. Thank you pinky toe!