Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Feet. A Free Mind?

Is there a link between going barefoot and your state of mind? Can it be true that when our feet are out of shoes, we feel more relaxed? Or perhaps, we have greater potential to feel more relaxed, more free? 

We’ve known there are benefits to going barefoot. With proof being that’s how we are naturally. We aren’t born with shoes on. But now there’s a surprising amount of research and information supporting this concept - barefeet are best.

An article on the benefits of going barefoot highlights several reasons, including that "It’s Just More Relaxing"

"Going barefoot really puts you in a different sort of mindset, and is usually only reserved for those special, relaxing moments.

Think about when you tend to go barefoot — at the beach, at home on the carpet, walking on cool grass in the summer, — and you’ll get an idea of what we mean. Exercises geared toward strengthening the body and relaxing the mind (yoga, tai chi, martial arts) are also typically practiced barefoot.”

So while free feet could lead to a free mind, it may not be easy for this new-found free mind to let go of the mental notations that dirt, germs and fungus rest under our bare feet. We suggest toe socks to give you the hygienic protection you need while gaining the benefits of barefooted foot freedom that we all deserve.